mtiglobal services and history

mtiglobal started as a broadcasting equipment vendors in 2005, we serve 40% of National and local televisions for consumables like tapes, cameras and others, in 2011 realizing IP based technology is the future in broadcasting, we take a leap being a sole distributor for Drobo Storage System. We wanted to set a new, high standard and work as technology partners, solving our clients’ problems. 

The company quickly grew and cemented itself as pioneer in Networked Attached Storage for Indonesia. Today we continue to build on that legacy and strive for excellence at everything we do.

mtiglobal people and culture

People are the heart of our business, Our people are what make us respectable. we only hire a trained engineer and upgrade their knowledge in Data Industry, we believe in peoples with attitude and professionalism. We deliver critical services that maintain critical data together and are the beating heart of digital economy today  To that end, our people are vital-we believe trust is earned through our actions. We believe in undeerstanding and aticipating what our customers want before they ask for it

We are Change Makers creating Impact, Beyond being trusted guardians of our customers' data, we believe that conventions can be and should be challenged to transform the industry in our drive towrds a more sustainable future. As trusted trailblazers, we not only create a more resilient and competitive business, but also drive industry change and wider benefits for the ecosystem of partners that we work with