Drobo Storage System


Nexsan Storage System


TrueNAS Storage System

drobo was established in 2005 as a pioneer in dynamic RAID Storage System with patented Beyond RAID Technology . Unlike other storage options, Drobo lets users hot-swap drives, mix and match drives of different capacities, speeds, and types (SATA/SAS), and perform zero-support drive pack migration. This means that customers can optimize storage economicses without worrying about drive order, data loss, downtime or compatibility. They can swap in drives as needed while drobo is running

Established in 1999, Nexsan has been known for delivering the most reliable, cost-effective, and highly efficient storage that meets the ever changing needs of data storage. Nexsan as a relevant contender with popular names such as HPE, Dell, Netapp, Fujitsu and all with a Nexsan Assureon as toptier most secure solution, Nexsan Beast for high density solution and Nexsan Unity as a Unified SAN, NAS and Object storage System

Enterprise Grade Open Storage, build to mazimize storage capacity, performance and uptime, a TrueNAS flagship line of appliances designed with flexibility to address an array of demanding storage requirements and adapt as needs change over time. with highavailability options and advanced data management tools, the ZFS Opearting System safe guards data for mission critical operations where downtime is not an option