PT Asuransi Jasa Raharja Putera (BUMN) 2019

PT Asuransi Jasa raharja Putera needs two set of iSCSI SAN Storage each 1 Petabyte in capacity for vmware DC and DRC, our solution was Nexsan Beast 60 bays dengan Quad 10G Connection, the system has been delivered and running smoothly since

PT Putraduta Buanasentosa (Indoarsip) 2020

Indoarsip needs 200TB of iSCSI SAN Storage with minimum Dual 10G SFP+ Connection for their vms, Our solution was Nexsan E18P with 100TB of Capacity, solution delivered, they plan to add another 100TB in 2022

CBN Cloud (2020)

CBN Cloud was planning to add 100TB of iSCSI SAN Storage, our solution was E18P with Dual 10G Connection, solution delivered

Yakult Indonesia (2022)

Between 2021 and 2022 Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk have been implementing 4 unit of TrueNAS Mini XL+ with each 80TB of capacity, they are planning to upgrade solution to Nexsan in 2023

Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk (2021-2022)

Yakult Indonesia was planning to implement backup storage with minimum capacity of 80TB, our solution was TrueNAS Mini XL+ for economical reason